Three different contractors have given three completely different proposals for the same work. Which should I choose?

While there are no definitive guidelines for identifying a good contractor from a bad one, you can use the estimates provided to learn a good deal about their practices. This information may be just the differentiation you need to separate the good from the bad. A good contractor’s estimate should include all of the following:

  • Type, color & manufacturer of roofing material
  • All materials to be included in the project (underlayment, protective membranes, etc.)
  • Scope of work to be completed
  • Plan for existing roof – removal or replacement
  • Plan for flashing – reuse, new, type of material
  • Ventilation work to be completed
  • Identifies party responsible for repairing or replacing exterior landscaping or interior finishing damaged during roof work
  • Specific installation method
  • Targeted start & completion dates
  • Payment methods accepted
  • Warranty specifications