Flat Roof Considerations

Flat Roof Considerations

Flat Roof Considerations

Flat roofs are susceptible to all kinds of wear and tear that eventually need to be addressed. There’s a wide variety of flat roof materials on the market, all with different costs and benefits. Whether you are building a new commercial property or replacing an existing flat roof on your building, it is important to consider all of these factors before beginning construction.

Repair or Replace?: If the majority of your roof is still in good condition, you may be able to save some money by having a professional repair the damage.

Roof Deck Integrity: If you decide to replace your flat roof, you will need to have the structural integrity of your roof decking inspected first. If the structural integrity of the roof deck is damaged it will not hold up the roof.

Drainage: Flat roofs require a lot of thought about where rain, snow, and other precipitation will drain since they have no natural drainage system. As with any roofing system, if installed incorrectly flat roofs will leak.

Load Weight: If you plan on having a heavy load on your roof, such as a lounging area for employees, or heating and air conditioning units, you will need to select materials that will strengthen your roof and protect your structure from weight damage.

Temperature: Your roof needs to be designed to withstand the Northwest Indiana climate. Our summers can get pretty hot and our winters pretty cold!

Wind Uplift: Wind can be very damaging to any roof system so you need to be sure to choose a roofing material with wind resistance that meets your needs.

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